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Coherence Community Edition 20.12 Released

Coherence Community Edition (CE) 20.12 has just been released. The full Medium post can be found here, but I have included some summary information below. This release is the second major 6 monthly release of Coherence CE and includes some … Continue reading

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Presentation: Patterns of Domain-Driven Design with In-Memory Data Grids

A great presentation from Coherence Product Manager Randy Stafford, at the “In-Memory Computing Summit”. In his presentation he covers: Domain Driven Design – DDD In-Memory Data Grids – IMDG’s Patterns of DDD with IMDG’s Cool new stuff with with Oracle … Continue reading

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Hello, Coherence Community Edition, Part 2: Building the client

The second part of Aleks Seovic’s article in Java Magazine has now been published! In part 2, Aleks walks through building React and JavaFX front ends to integrate with the REST API that was developed in part 1. The React … Continue reading

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Coherence JavaScript Client Now Available for Community Edition

Exciting news overnight that the Coherence JavaScript client is now available for Coherence Community Edition 20.06.1! Previously, the only way to access Coherence from a Node.js application was via REST, but now you have the capability to access Coherence caches … Continue reading

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Coherence Architect Presenting “Managing State in Elastic Microservices”

Re-posted from Coherence Blog https://blogs.oracle.com/oraclecoherence/coherence-architect-presenting-managing-state-in-elastic-microservices On Tuesday September 1 at 11AM EDT, Coherence Architect Aleks Seovic will present a Jakarta Tech Talk on “Managing State in Elastic Microservices.” You can register for this event here. Jakarta Tech Talks are dedicated to the discussion of Jakarta EE … Continue reading

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Post Update: Monitor Your Coherence Clusters using Grafana and Prometheus

In July I wrote a post about Monitoring your Coherence Clusters using Grafana and Prometheus. (See here for this post) I’ve just updated this example and included the instructions for getting this working with our recently released open-source Coherence Community … Continue reading

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Java Magazine: Creating cloud native stateful applications that scale, Part 1

Aleks Seović, who is an architect from the Coherence Development team, has just written part 1 of a series of articles on “Creating cloud native stateful application that scale”. This is an excellent article on using Coherence Community Edition and … Continue reading

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Medium Post: A Gentle Introduction to Coherence

Coherence architects Harvey Raja and Aleks Seovic have just posted and article providing a great overview of Coherence. A Gentle Introduction to Coherence is a great read and gives a high-level overview of what Coherence is and how it can help greatly … Continue reading

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Updated Coherence Demo Released with Open Tracing and Coherence CE Support

To coincide with Coherence Community Edition (CE) release, the Coherence Demo has been updated to work with Coherence CE and the Coherence Operator version 3.0.0. This version uses Coherence CE 14.1.1-0-1 by default and showcases Open Tracing to trace client calls from a JAX-RS … Continue reading

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Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0 recording and presentation available

A recording and presentation from the recent Coherence Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0 session is now available! For the recording see Oracle Video Hub. The presentation is available here. Enjoy!

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