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Updated Best Practices White-paper for Coherence 12.2.1

We have just released an updated “Planning A Successful Deployment” White-paper based around Coherence 12.2.1. This document builds on the previous white-paper and updates recommendations/ best practices based upon Coherence 12.2.1 features. It also talks about best practice when using new … Continue reading

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Docker Support for Oracle Coherence

We have just announced on the Official Coherence Blog, Docker support for Coherence 12.2.1+ and Docker version 1.9. See the Coherence Docker Image page on GitHub for full details as well as the Coherence Community Page for other projects. Stay tuned for some … Continue reading

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Coherence 12.2.1 Cluster Discovery Made Easy

Introduction In Coherence 12.2.1 a number of changes were made to make working with ports in Coherence easier. These changes allow multiple clusters (including different versions from 12.2.1 on), to share the same cluster port, and in most cases ports … Continue reading

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New Features in Coherence 12.2.1 JVisualVM Plug-in

Along with Coherence 12.2.1, we introduced a new version of the JVisualVM Plug-in supporting major new Coherence functionality such as Persistence and Federation, as well as including small incremental improvements. Persistence As per our release notes: “Coherence persistence is a set … Continue reading

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Exploring new Coherence 12.2.1 Features Through the OOTB Examples

With the release of Coherence 12.2.1 we have included many examples so you can get hands-on experience existing features as well as getting up to speed with new features such as support for Java8, Cache Persistence, Federation and Async processing API. … Continue reading

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Coherence and WebLogic Server 12.2.1 Released

Great news from Oracle Open World overnight – Coherence and WebLogic Server 12.2.1 were announced and are now available to download from OTN! I’ll be blogging about some of the new Coherence features in more detail in the upcoming weeks, but if you’d like … Continue reading

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