Exploring Coherence Open Source Projects

As we near the end of 2021, the Coherence team is working hard on the latest 6 monthly release of Coherence Community Edition (CE) – 21.12. Can’t say too much about the contents, but safe to say that there are some pretty exciting features coming out, so stay tuned!

I’ll leave the detail on 21.12 for a post in the new year, but in the meantime I’d like to outline some of the other great Open Source projects you can explore and possibly utilize in your Coherence ecosystem.

I’ve broken down the projects into categories below:


JavaScript – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-js-client

Coherence JavaScript Client allows Node applications to act as cache clients to a Coherence Cluster using gRPC framework as the network transport.

C++ – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-cpp-extend-client

Coherence C++ Client allows C++ applications to access Coherence clustered services, including data, data events, and data processing from outside the Coherence cluster.

.NET – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-dotnet-extend-client

Coherence .NET Client allows .NET applications to access Coherence clustered services, including data, data events, and data processing from outside the Coherence cluster.

Note: Coherence CE also includes native support for REST and gRPC based clients as well as support for GraphQL via integration with Helidon.


Coherence Operator – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-operator

The Coherence Kubernetes Operator allows management of Coherence clusters in Kubernetes making tasks such as configuration, installation, safe scaling, management and metrics easier.

Coherence VisualVM Plugin – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-visualvm

The Coherence-VisualVM Plugin provides management and monitoring of a single Coherence cluster using the VisualVM management utility.


Spring – https://github.com/coherence-community/coherence-spring

The Coherence Spring project provides bootstrapping support of Oracle Coherence for Spring Framework and Spring Boot.

Micronaut – https://github.com/micronaut-projects/micronaut-coherence/

The Micronaut project provides integrations between Micronaut and Oracle Coherence.

Hibernate – https://github.com/coherence-community/coherence-hibernate

The Oracle Coherence Hibernate project implements integration points between Coherence/Coherence CE and the Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework.

Development Tools

Oracle Bedrock – https://github.com/coherence-community/oracle-bedrock

Oracle Bedrock provides a general purpose Java framework for the development, orchestration and testing of highly concurrent distributed applications.

Coherence Eclipse Plugin – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-eclipse-plugin/

This plugin provides various features to help developer productivity when working with Coherence in Eclipse.

Coherence Idea Plugin – https://github.com/oracle/coherence-idea-plugin

This plugin adds features to IntelliJ to assist in development of applications using Oracle Coherence.

Hope this gives you a taste of some of the Open Source projects available in the Coherence ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements on Coherence CE and some new Coherence projects coming in the new year!

As always stay up to date with Coherence on our Coherence Community site.

Happy Holidays!

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