Open Source Coherence VisualVM Plugin v1.0.1 Released

A new and updated version of the Open Source Coherence VisualVM Plugin has just been released!

This new release contains a number of new features (as well as a few bug fixes) which will make using the Plugin much easier.

You can view the release notes here or read on to find out more.

Options Panel

We have added a new Options panel to allow easier setting of various functionality rather than having to specify properties on command line. Once the Plugin is installed, you can access via VisualVM->Preferences on Mac or Tools->Options on Windows or Linux.

VisualVM Options

Taking Multiple Thread Dumps

You have previously been able to take thread dumps by right-clicking on a member on the Members tab, but now you can also choose Generate Multiple Thread Dumps. This is useful especially in a support situation or you just want to understand what the thread are doing.

Taking Multiple Thread Dumps

Saving and Copying Thread Dumps

Going hand in had with the above, we have enhanced the thread dump dialog to include additional node and cluster information as well as give you the ability to save or copy the contents to the clipboard.

Experimental Features

We have added some “experimental” features, that can be enabled in the new options panel, that may be included as standard features down the track. Please feel free to provide feedback on any of these below:

  • Added experimental tab to display Coherence Topics information
  • Added experimental option to issue thread dump across all members
  • Added experimental “Cluster Snapshot” Tab which gives a text based snapshot of the cluster which you could cut/paste to assist in diagnosis of issues.

Installing the Update

If you already have the plugin installed, then within VisualVM Choose Tools -> Plugins from the main menu and click on Check for Updates if it doesn’t already show in the Updates tab.

If this is your first time using the Coherence VisualVM Plugin, see the GitHub Page for instructions to install.


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