Coherence Architect Presenting “Managing State in Elastic Microservices”

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On Tuesday September 1 at 11AM EDT, Coherence Architect Aleks Seovic will present a Jakarta Tech Talk on “Managing State in Elastic Microservices.” You can register for this event here. Jakarta Tech Talks are dedicated to the discussion of Jakarta EE and broader Cloud-Native Java technologies.  The abstract for this particular event is given below:

Scaling stateless services is easy, but scaling their stateful data stores, not so much. This is true whether you are using an “old fashioned” relational database, or one of the popular, “modern” KV data stores, such as MongoDB or Redis.

In this presentation we will discuss some of the issues with state management in elastic microservices today, and look into how Oracle Coherence, with its Helidon and Eclipse MicroProfile integration, provides a better alternative you can use tomorrow.

This will be a technical presentation by an architect who has deep technical understanding of microservices and data grid technologies, and real-world experience building and deploying mission-critical applications.  Aleks’ talk will include a demo showing how Java microservices can be easily scaled, including flexible scaling of the data store used by the microservices, using an example you can evaluate yourself following his talk.  The example is built with Helidon 2.0 and Coherence Community Edition  announced in June.  Both Helidon and Coherence can be used to build and evolve microservices applications, either on-premises or in the cloud, so the content will be relevant and thought-provoking for Coherence users.  Register today! 

Registration link:

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