Coherence Released

Overnight Coherence (and Oracle Fusion Middleware) was released.

In terms of Coherence, this release contains a number of new features:

  • Revised Active-Active Federation Configuration – The new <active-active> configuration element is now used to define active-active federation topologies.
  • Global Consistent Snapshots – A snapshot can be now be created either on a running service (a service that is accepting and processing requests) or on a suspended service. The former provides consistency at a partition level while the latter provides global consistency – See the Persistence Documentation for more information.
  • HotCache Enhancements include:
    • HotCache multi-threading – HotCache can use multiple threads to apply trail file operations to Coherence caches.
    • HotCache Multitenant mode – HotCache can refresh caches for specific tenants.
    • HotCache JMX management – HotCache includes management data for monitoring the performance of cache update operations. This also includes a new tab in the JVisualVM plugin to display HotCache information.

You can find the documentation and release notes at


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2 Responses to Coherence Released

  1. Joe Holder says:

    Link to release notes is borken

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