Happy New Year – Federation and HotCache Updates in

Been a while since i’ve managed to post here due to some heavy workloads and the usual Christmas and new year break, but am planning to squeeze in some time for Coherence released posts.

In October (yes last year!) we released of Coherence and WebLogic Server. From the Coherence side, this contained a few new features for HotCache but also included a small but significant update for Federation.


Federation now includes the ability to include custom participants into your topology. Up until now the only “Participants” allowed were Coherence Clusters. Custom participants allow you to define end-points such as files, databases, message bus or any other target you want to.

If you are using the Incubator’s “Push Replication Pattern”, then the addition of custom participants can assist in migrating from Push Replication to Federation. Keep your eyes out for a post on this coming up soon.


With this release HotCache includes the following new features:

  • HotCache can be used to warm caches by loading an initial dataset.
  • Support for Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY and XMLType types
  • Configuration has been made easier with ability to use JPA properties to configure  behavior.


See the Federation Documentation for more information on custom participants and Release Notes for information on HotCache new features.


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