Coherence 12.1.3 Released

As part of the wider Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( release, Coherence 12.1.3 was released overnight.

The new version of Coherence has a number of cool new features, some of which I’ve outlined below:

  • New memcached protocol support allowing a Coherence cluster to be used as a replacement for memcached servers. This allows memcached clients using the binary protocol to switch to using a Coherence cluster for storage. See here for details.
  • Coherence JVisualVM Plug-in, originally part of the Coherence Incubator, is now released as part of the Coherence distribution.  See the JMX documentation for more information.
  • Support has been added for JCache (JSR-107) implementation within Coherence. See the Oracle JCache documentation.
  • You can now submit asyncrhnonous entry processors which is very cool. See the com.tangosol.util.processor.AsynchronousProcessor API in the documentation.
  • The NameService has been enhanced to run on all cluster members. This means you can connect to any member to look up a proxy service.
  • In Managed Coherence Servers in WebLogic Server, you can now designate a node as a management proxy, which allows easier connection to Coherence MBean servers.

There has also been various index rebuild performance enhancements on failover as well as more forward and backward compatibility for Coherence*Extend clients and servers.

Please see here for the full list of new features and changes.

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