Coherence Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Its almost that time of the year again and if you are lucky enough to be able to get to Oracle Open World in San Fran between Oct 25-29, then there are a number of Coherence sessions that you should definitely attend:

  • Craig Blitz will be giving a presentation on “Oracle Coherence 12c: Strategy and Roadmap [CON8426]”
  • John Eckels and Rob Misek will be talking about “Scale Out! Caching and Data Grid Services in Oracle Cloud [CON8640]”
  • Brian Oliver will present on “Data Grids for Application Integration: When Messaging Is Not the Answer [CON8626]”
  • There will also be an Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence Customer Panel [CON8648]

There will also be other sessions that will be talking about Coherence. For a full list go to the official Session Catalog.

As always there will be many exciting announcements at OOW, so look out for followup posts here afterwards!

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Using Coherence on Oracle Java Cloud Service

There are a number of Tutorials on using Oracle’s Java Cloud Service (JCS).  One in particular shows how to configure a Coherence instance in JCS. See here for more details.

For the full list of tutorials, see the JCS page.

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Tutorial on Using Coherence 12.1.3 with WebLogic Server

Been way too long since i’ve posted here and so I apologise for this in advance. I’m sure everyone’s been busy too!

If your interested in running through a tutorial on how to setup and use Coherence with WebLogic Server then the following link is a great place to start.  The tutorial introduces the  ‘Managed Coherence Servers’ capability  in WebLogic Server 12.1.3 (that i’ve previously talked about) by running through a series of labs on how to setup and use

The tutorial can be accessed through our Oracle By Examples pages.

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Coherence Now Available on Java Cloud Service

Coherence is now available as part of Oracle’s Java Cloud Service.

See this blog post for more details.

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Spinning-up a Coherence Cluster with Weblogic Scripting (WLST)

David Felcey has completed a great post on how to setup a Coherence Cluster using WLST with WebLogic Server 12.1.3 and Managed Coherence Servers. This shows how creation of Coherence clusters within a WebLogic Server environment can easily be scripted and automated.

See Dave’s Blog at the full details.

Nice work Dave!

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Updated Coherence JVisualVM Plugin in Latest Coherence Patch

We have just released Coherence, (Patch 20164069) which is the first patch set on top of 12.1.3.  As part of this patch there are a few updates to the Coherence JVisualVM Plugin that improve the range of functionality that we can support, a couple of UI tweaks as well as addressing an issue monitoring Coherence clusters in WebLogic Server environments.

The feature highlights are:

  1. Added a tab for displaying information about Elastic Data
  2. Added a tab for display JCache Information when using Coherence to store JCache (JSR-107) caches
  3. Additional metrics to track partitions stats graphically for a service
  4. Displaying extra details for some data via drill down.

Displaying Elastic Data Information 

We have added support for displaying a tab when you are using Elastic Data. We support clusters running 3.7.x and above and display information about both the Ram Journal and Flash Journal usage as well as the number of compactions taking place.

Elastic Data Tab

Displaying JCache Information

We’ve also added support for display information about JCache when you are using Coherence to store JCache caches. We show both configuration and statistics information.


Additional Partition Metrics

Now when you select a service in the ‘Services’ tab, you can see a ‘Partition’ sub-tab that shows a graphical representation of partition related information. The items we are showing are partition counts related to Pending, Unbalanced, Vulnerable and Endangered partitions. This can be useful when you are wanting to see whats happening to a services partitions over a period of time.

Service Partitions

More Details on Drill Down

On the Member, Service Detail and Cache Detail tables we now support a ‘Drill Down’, via right click to display detailed JMX information which is useful for more detailed diagnostics.

Drill Down

To download the Coherence patch set  download patch 20164069 from My Oracle Support website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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Coherence SIG’s in APAC

Please see this post outlining the details for all of the Coherence SIG’s in APAC over the next couple of weeks. As well as Melbourne on 15th Dec we have Shenzhen Dec 8, Beijing Dec 10 and Seoul Dec 12.

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