Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0 recording and presentation available

A recording and presentation from the recent Coherence Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0 session is now available!

For the recording see Oracle Video Hub.

The presentation is available here.


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Coherence Community Edition (CE) Released

We are very excited that Coherence Community Edition was announced and released over night!

Coherence Community Edition, or Coherence CE, is an open source version of the world leading In Memory Data Grid product from Oracle.

Coherence CE is hosted on GitHub ( and licensed under Open Source Initiative’s Universal Permissive License, Version 1.0.

A few other useful links:

This is an historic and exiting day for the Coherence team and I look forward to sharing much more information about Coherence and our open source products.

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Register Now for Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0 Webinars on June 25

Oracle is announcing two innovative new developer technology releases for Java and polyglot microservices. Join us on June 25th and watch this thought provoking session on Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0. See demos from the project leaders. Register for a free webinar at a time convenient for you!

June 25, 2020, Webinar for Asia-Pacific time zones –

June 25, 2020, Webinar for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas time zones

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Coherence 14.1.1 Released

We are excited to announce that Coherence 14.1.1 was released overnight!

Coherence 14.1.1 contains the following major new functionality:

  • Topics – a messaging implementation with patented scalability;
  • Distributed Tracing – cross-process call trees captured using the OpenTracing API;
  • GraalVM support – enabling polyglot programming on the grid side; and
  • JDK 11 certification throughout the release’s lifecycle.

For full information on the release, please see the official Coherence Blog entry at

You can also view videos explaining the new features on the Coherence YouTube Channel –

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Monitor Your Coherence Clusters using Grafana and Prometheus

With the release of the Coherence Operator, which allows customers to run Coherence within a Kubernetes environment and the recent Coherence release, you now have the ability to expose Coherence metrics in a Prometheus format and therefore monitor your Coherence cluster via Grafana!

When deploying Coherence using the Coherence Operator, Grafana and Prometheus can be directly provisioned as part of the Coherence Operator helm install, or you can scrape Coherence metrics using your own Prometheus and push to your own Grafana.

The good news for those of you who are running Coherence but not within a Kubernetes environment, is you can still take advantage of this new integration!

I have created a step by step guide at my GitHub page below of how to achieve this –

At a high level, you need the following:

  • Docker Desktop for Mac or the equivalent Docker environment for you O/S
  • Coherence
  • JDK8 or 11
  • Maven 3.5.4+

If you follow the steps, you will be able to monitor your Coherence cluster via the rich set of Grafana dashboards we have made available.

For more information on the dashboards, please see!


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Coherence Cloud Edition BYOL – Available on Oracle Marketplace

Oracle “Coherence Cloud Edition BYOL” (Bring Your Own License) is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace in all regions.

This release contains the options to install either Coherence version or and allows you to get up a running quickly with the latest Coherence releases. Once provisioned, you can easily change/modify the cluster to suit you needs.

See the following links:

Have a happy and safe festive season and see you next year!

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Coherence and Operator 2.0 Videos on YouTube

We are pleased to announce that four new videos on Coherence Operator 2.0 and Coherence are available on the Coherence YouTube channel.

See for the offical Coherence blog announcement.

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Announcing the GA release of the Coherence Operator 2.0.0

We are excited to announce that version 2.0.0 of the Coherence Operator is now GA!

Version 2.0.0 introduces a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition (CRD) for Coherence clusters which simplifies the definition, deployment and management of Coherence applications within a Kubernetes environment.

Some useful links:

The Coherence Demo application has now been updated to work with Coherence and the new Coherence Operator 2.0.0. This can be found on GitHub.

See the Official Coherence Blog for the announcement.

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Coherence Released!

Over the weekend Coherence was released! Below are some of the new features. See the Release Notes for the full list of new features.

Docker and Kubernetes Support

Oracle Coherence is certified to run in Docker containers and can be orchestrated using the Coherence Kubernetes operator. For more information see here.

REST Management

Coherence supports management operations using REST. This includes exposing the Coherence MBeans over REST, Allowing the JVisualVM Plugin to connect to a Management over REST endpoint and a comprehensive Swagger API listing.
See here for more information.

Metrics Support

An endpoint that can be scraped to provide metrics related to the local node. The format of the returned text is compatible with Prometheus. See Using Coherence Metrics for more information.

View Scheme

A replacement to replicated caches that combines ContinuousQueryCaches and distributed caches to provide the same read performance but consistently processed writes. See the View Scheme.

For a full set of new features, please see the Release Notes for

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Updated Coherence Demo now runs on Kubernetes

Now that the Coherence Operator 1.0.0 is released, the Coherence Demo has been updated to run on Kubernetes using the Coherence Operator.

Please see below for the the post on the “official” Coherence Blog.


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